Our Krew

Meet Kane and Tess

Our Inspiration

Kane and Tess were our original Ambass-A-Bulls. Kane was an American Bulldog/American Staffordshire Terrier combo Kim adopted from a shelter in Mount Vernon, New York in 2011. He was four days away from being euthanized due to space. 

Kane was her soul dog. Someone asked after she rescued him how things were going and she responded, “My heart is so big for this dog.” And that’s how the Krusade’s logo was born… because he forever lives in Kim’s heart and the hearts of so many.

Anyone who met Kane felt his absolute pure heart and capacity for love. Initially, his size and giant blockhead scared people. But when he would come up to them and lean in, he’d melt into their legs, and they’d laugh, and the connection was made forever. 

Tess was a mix of something-or-other with big ears. She was adopted from Thomas J. O’Connor Animal Shelter in Springfield, Massachusetts. Tess lived with mast cell tumors since 2011 until her passing August of 2015. 

People labeled them pit bulls. Kim called them her life. Her family. Tess was diagnosed with cancer two weeks after Kane was adopted. Kim refinanced her mortgage to afford her chemotherapy. This situation got Kim to thinking – what about people who can’t afford to feed their dogs and provide other basic care? 

She was driven to do something to help other pet families. People giving up their dogs due to preventable things was unacceptable. And so, with the help of some great people, a nonprofit was created – all sparked from a woman’s love for her dogs. 

Meet Our Krew

Kim George

Founder and Executive Director

Kim founded Kane’s Krusade in 2011. Passionate about animals from a young age, she has a special place in her heart for Misunderstood dogs, especially pit bull dogs. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies. After college, she volunteered with V.I.S.T.A. for Providence Ministries For The Needy in Holyoke, Massachusetts where she developed a grant writing system, raising more than $120,000 in two years.

As part of her V.I.S.T.A. role, Kim worked in a soup kitchen and food pantry as well as a homeless family shelter. She has worked in long-term care as Director of Volunteer Services where she designed nationally recognized intergenerational programs and was involved in the pioneering movement, The Eden AlternativeKim is the bestselling author of Coaching Into Greatness: 4 Steps To Success In Business and Life. As a professional business coach, Kim utilized her Abundance Intelligence® methodology to train and guide business owners around the world. She collaborated with Dr. Ivan Misner, the Founder of Business Network International® (BNI), co-leading classes on networking and Social Capital and is featured in his bestseller, Masters of Sales. 

Working with business owners, underserved populations, young and old gives Kim the adaptability and experience to meet people where they are at. Besides dogs and her nonprofit, Kim is passionate about live music, the environment, trees (especially Redwoods) and encouraging people to do what they can do. She lives in Springfield, MA with her tripod pittie Angelina.

Kane's Krusade - Paul Jenney

Paul Jenney

Pet Family Housing Specialist

Paul heads up our Pet Family Housing initiative – advocating and advising pet families with tenant/dog issues and helping to connect families to dog-inclusive housing. Paul adopted two Kane’s dogs – Bubba and Nova (Rest in Peace) – when they needed to be re-homed. 

Paul is also the compliance director for TenantTracks, offering best in class background checks for the rental housing community, and takes care of his disabled girlfriend and her grandfather. He sees the unique complexity of dogs, disabilities, and housing and how they intersect and looks at how those diverse groups and myriad of needs can be addressed. 

Jill Lueb - Kane's Krusade

Jill Lueb

Social Media Coordinator

Jill has been involved with Kane’s Krusade for about 8 years, first joining to help in a Kondo delivery, then eventually becoming a Krew member, volunteer Fundraising Director, and now, Board member with a focus on social media. When she isn’t working at her full-time job as a paralegal, she is busy caring for her Quarter Horse mare, five cats and one dog.

Jill comes from a background in animal welfare related volunteering, from walking dogs as a teenager at the local shelter with her mom, to fostering kittens, and involvement in Trap-Neuter-Return efforts locally, helping private citizens manage stray cats they feed and care for her. In her spare time, Jill trains and competes her dog, Louie, in K9 Nosework and is training her horse for dressage competition.

Sherry Mulloy


Sherry has been a Board member since December 2018. She proudly follows in the footsteps of her parents who were always active in community volunteer work. Kane’s Krusade combines Sherry’s passion for helping dogs and people in vulnerable populations. 

A big part of what attracted Sherry to Kane’s is their community spirit, which empowers clients to volunteer. This along with delivering the C.A.R.E. Kits have brought new friendships into her life. Sherry has an enthusiastic personality which she uses along with her infectious smile, boundless energy, and positive and caring attitude to help spread the word about Kane’s mission. 

Sherry attends events such as Pet Rock Festival, Big E parade, and is active in all our fundraisers. Sherry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Northeastern University and works as a Senior Accountant at Eppendorf in Enfield, CT. Sherry resides in Monson, MA with her husband Pat and their beautiful yellow lab Angel. In her spare time, Sherry enjoys walking, hiking, gardening, motorcycling, spending time with family and friends, and attending fundraising events.

Family Krew

Just because people need help sometimes doesn’t mean they are helpless.

Did you know? Through our Pay It Forward program, more than 80% of Kane’s volunteers are the pet families who receive our services. Pet Family Advocacy™ focuses on empowerment. That’s why our C.A.R.E. Kits stand for Canine Assistance, Resources and Empowerment.

In fact, our C.A.R.E. Kits are packed and distributed by Kane’s family members. In addition to C.A.R.E. Kits, our Family Krew transports other pet families’ dogs to vet appointments and groomers, provides translation, picks up donations, manages our food storage, is involved in community outreach events and so much more!

Sherri Boucher

C.A.R.E. Kit Coordinator

Sherri and Boxer the Boston terrier have been a Kane’s pet family since Nov. 2017. Sherri reached out to Kane’s because after rescuing Boxer, she realized she needed assistance diagnosing his serious health issues. Major joined her family earlier this year when she started fostering him as a young pup and he bonded with Boxer, enriching Boxer’s quality of life. Sherri’s favorite parts about volunteering are getting to know the other pet families and the dogs and then being able to customize the C.A.R.E. Kits. Sherri also helps with events and outreach. She loves to share the Kane’s mission with people and the pet families we help. 

William Dempsey and Peanut

William Dempsey

C.A.R.E. Kit Distribution and Delivery, Dog Transport

William and his family, including his dog Peanut, have been a Kane’s pet family since 2014. From the beginning, William jumped in, eager to get involved. 

William goes the extra mile time and again to help our pet families whether it’s transporting dogs to vet appointments, to the groomer or picking up donations. He also helps with our various in person fundraisers and secures donations from area businesses. Businesses can’t say no to his passion for the Kane’s Krusade mission and he’s always the person who gets the most kisses from our dogs. 

Brian Mayotte

C.A.R.E. Kit Distribution, Donation Pickup

Brian and his pet family of Bella and Boo have been with Kane’s since 2014. Bella passed last year from natural causes and thankfully Boo (pictured) is in good health. Brian is one of our most loyal volunteers and William’s sidekick. The two can frequently be found picking up donated food and helping with our C.A.R.E. Kit distributions and deliveries. 

Carl Winterle

C.A.R.E. Kit Distribution and Delivery

Carl joined Kane’s Krusade in 2014 with his dog Tango. We sponsored Tango’s neuter, vaccinations and microchip. This pet family was added to our C.A.R.E. Kit services where Tango received dog training as well. Carl rescued his second pittie Blue in 2018. Carl helps pack and distribute C.A.R.E. Kits and deliver them. He has spoken to other organizations about his experience as a Kane’s pet family.

Stand up for pet families.