Pet Family Housing​

Our Pet Family Housing Initiative is designed to help pet families in Massachusetts and Connecticut keep and/or find pet-inclusive housing. We do this in several ways:

  • Referring pet families to pet-inclusive landlords and property managers within our service area 
  • Sharing information regarding rights provided under the Fair Housing Act
  • Promoting awareness of assistance animal guidelines regarding service dogs and emotional  support animals (ESA)  

o  The difference between an ESA and a service animal 

Understanding the requirements for ESA’s and service animals 

o  Requesting a reasonable accommodation

  • Advocating for pet families with assistance animals
  • Understanding your tenant rights – what a landlord can legally do and not do in the states of MA  and CT
  • Providing resources to help pet families set their dogs up for success while they search for housing (limited to Western MA service area):

o  Dog training 

o  Vaccinations

o  Spay/neuter resources

To work with a Pet Family Housing Specialist, you must:

For additional tips, check out our Resources.

Please note, all information is provided for informational purposes only. Information and resources should not be construed as legal advice.